Sunday, 7 July 2013

T9: Transit to Chambrey

Dehydrated and shattered this morning. Couldn't face packing up the bike last night so had to get up at 6 to get organised. My eyes didn't get up till about 10am! Bonus at breakfast though - chocolate brownies!!! 

Apart from being fatigued, I feel surprisingly OK. Lower back is a bit stiff but the legs aren't too bad. I'm guessing that's because I never really went into the red yesterday - it was more about getting around the parcours and saving yourself to tap out the climbs. I'm looking forward to a lazy 25k bike path cruise later this afternoon to shake the legs out. 

I'd love a massage but the French do not do ANYTHING after 12pm on a Saturday, and today being Sunday - no chance. Where's Tiffy with his roller stick when you need him, hey AZ?

A few stories have emerged from the Marmotte. One dude got around with one arm and one leg - massive props. Paul had front tube blow out on a bend at 45kmh descending Glandon. He just straightened up enough to apply the rear brakes and not go over the edge. There were 3 ambulance level crashes descending Glandon that we know about. I saw a guy get his front wheel stuck in a train track that was crossing the road at a narrow angle - he went down in spectacular fashion just before the Telegraphe climb. Unbelievably I saw about 5 sets of Vini Fantini kit - that stuff should be burned. I only saw 1 brave soul in LIESTRONG (that is not a typo) kit. 

It was a cruisey day in Chambrey. Beautifully warm and just lovely in the old part of town. 

I watched the whole stage of the tour with French pictures and SBS Tour Tracker on the iPad before going out for an easy hour on the bike. The old calves are quite sore - almost strained feeling. Not surprising I guess. 

It was great to see Froome isolated and Quintana on the attack. A really animated stage and good to see Dan Martin hold on for a great win. A great shame that Cadel couldn't hold on yesterday. 

Pizza for dinner, then bed. 

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