Sunday, 7 July 2013

T8: Marmotte

Too tired to write. Massive day after massive week.
Today: 200k with just under 5,000m.
The week so far (6 days): 642.4km, 28hr 58m, 16,300m

See the ride here
Oh all right, a few points:
  1. I don't want to be a pro anymore.
  2. Croix de Fer and Col du Glandon have three 16% pinches between them.
  3. Hitting Alpe d'Huez at 2pm in 35 degree heat after 178k in the saddle is VERY uncomfortable.
  4. If sucking wheels with furious vengeance only gets you yelled at once in 200k, it's a good day.
  5. Leaving Alpe d'Huez at 7am in 6 degrees with only newspaper shoved up your front does NOT keep you warm.
  6. Trying to eat a twinky provided by the French Army when it's about 32 degrees, travelling at 45kmh whilst riding into a block head wind downhill, WILL turn your mouth drier than a nun's INSTANTLY - bad idea.
  7. In 10 hours out, 8+ hours riding, with an official race time of 7h18m I drank about 8 bidons (5 litres of fluid) and only did one wee.
  8. The winner did it in 5h32m - freak!
  9. Most muppets cannot descend. I can and that's cool!
  10. The French public are awesome. There were hundreds of people lining Alpe d'Huez to cheer us on and pour fresh, cold mountain water on our heads. Bless you all.
  11. Legs hurt.
  12. Knees hurt.
  13. Balls of my feet have NEVER hurt like that before. Nearly had to stop on Galibier.
  14. Arms hurt.
  15. Shoulder blades hurt.
  16. Lower back - stiff as.
  17. I was 494th from 7,000+.
  18. How do I feel? AWESOME!!

I feel I must mention John's effort. He's 40-something-ish and only been riding for 18 months. He was out there for over 10 hours and he finished. Bloody brilliant!

Froome-dog in the Tour, killing it. Porte, what a champ! Barring an incident, looks like a Sky win already. C'mon Cuddles - get up there son!

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