Thursday, 4 July 2013

T4: Col des Aravis, Col des Saisies, Cormet de Roselend

Just wow. Biggest vert day ever: 2,920m and 54km of climbing. Magic views - it's just mental. I have no words. Lets just say I had a religious experience. 

The only thing to add is that the 20km descent off Roselend was the best I have ever done. Fast, smooth, wide hot mix (much of it only days old black tar) and absolutely delicious with top speeds over 80kmh. Yummo...

With Paul on Aravis
Coffee time - complete with local artist...

The lake before the summit of Roselend
Realising that 7-8% hurts after 52k of climbing and 2.5k to go.

See the ride here.

And what about OGE's TTT putting Gerro into yellow. We were in the pub to watch it all unfold and shandies aside, it was very noisy as they pipped Omega by less than 1 second. So happy for them. 

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