Friday, 28 June 2013

T-2: Thank you

It's not easy to get away for nearly a month. Family, work, training, renovations on the go, you know the drill.

So there are many thank you's to go out.

Unequivocally the biggest ups go to Lil Priesty - what an awesome wife. Even the dude at the chemist yesterday, who was quizzing said wife on the why fors of picking up nasal spray and face masks for her husband going to TdF100 whilst husband was packing treddly and nowhere to be seen remarked - "oh my god, what an awesome wife". I have only to add: here here, brother that ain't the half of it!

To the boys at Bike Culture, thanks and big props to you. George for my (illness interrupted) training program and Brent for not only the bike bag, but also packing my steed. I will ride strong for the team and represent Team BC en France! 

There's no way I could have gotten away with as clear head as I am without the fantastic efforts of my team at Bravien Financial. I'm sure you'll all take a little breather, but your slog for the last 3-4 weeks to get me away "clean" has been deeply appreciated and by no means unnoticed. For those of you that run a business, can you imagine my sheer elation in the knowledge that I will not receive one email while I'm away and there will not be one email waiting in my inbox when I get back!! Nearly more than the trip itself, that gives me a grin from ear to ear and back again!!!! You are champs. 

Me - I'm still on the mend and haven't trained for a week. Feeling much better than 3 days ago and the excitement is building. 

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